Saturday, December 11, 2010

No coffee?!

Today is day 3. I had to ask myself, does coffee really make me feel better? I decided what I like about it is the ritual - the warm cup in my lap while I read and welcome the day. I like waking up and knowing what I'm going to do first, before anything else! Well, it seems as though that warm cup could be filled with just about anything (caffeine withdrawal headache aside...). Years ago while I was doing an intestinal cleanse, I discovered Celestial Seasonings makes a blend of mate and black tea. Wowzers! It's delicious, has caffeine, and doesn't make me feel like sh** after two cups. I think I'm on to something here...

However, I've tried this before. In the past, my non-coffee stints always lead me back to coffee. Which I'm ok with. I just need to occasionally not drink it, to remind myself that my world does not revolve around this highly acidic beverage. I think my body thanks me every time.


So, the weather's got me down. Rainy, grey, cloudy, wet, grey. I also forgot my yoga yesterday for the first time this December. Shoot. I had hopes of a run this afternoon after work, and am secretly planning a jaunt from home as soon as I get there. 2 miles max. Then I can take a hot shower and rooollllllllllll my ITB till I cry.

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