Monday, August 1, 2011

Lord Sorequad

Yippie Skippy. Just ran 5 miles on the Home Trails (slang for Trails Around My Home). I think I kept a pretty good pace the whole time but didn't bother to use my GPS. I did two hill sprints, and several shorter intervals at 'pace'.

Quads. My quads were definitely feeling it on the uphills, and consistently at the end. Come to think of it, my quads have been pretty ripped and torn feeling since Friday. They're pretty sore - not in a fatigued P90x legs&back way, but in a ripped up way. I wonder if this is due to my lack of ice bath? Squatting is painful in a really really good way. I found myself squatting for a few seconds randomly throughout the weekend at work, just to feel the burn/release.

This is my highest volume week of marathon training, peaking at 36 miles. Looking forward to it!

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