Monday, August 15, 2011

5k run/race

Last Wednesday I did a practice 5k with my seester for the 30th birthday Virtual Race.

She + other seester are running the 5k Giant's Race in SF in two weeks, while I run the 1/2. We took it soooo slow. We walked several times. I would hardly call it a race (for me) but it was outstanding to be running with my sedentary seester, who I know is just doing this running thing because she appreciates me and wants to spend time with me. She'd much rather be watching a movie and baking cupcakes, but I try to convince myself that she enjoyed her time on the run.

I told her we would just try & make it to the 1 mile mark, which she did with no problems. I could tell she would have gone out much faster if I hadn't held her back. I reminded her to drop her arms below 90 degrees to help relax. We walked for 1/2 a mile, and then turned around. When we were back at the 1 mile mark we ran with only one quick walking stop about 1/2 mile from the finish. Overall she was super, and we celebrated by jumping in the Snake River to cool our legs and refresh our faces.

So, this was hardly a race, but many many people enter 5 and 10k's (even marathons!) with the intention of walking, and simply doing the best they can. I'm proud of her for running with me, and appreciate that she goes WAY out of her comfort zone to run with me, Because I Love It!

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  1. I'm so behind, how embarrassing. how did the half go?